Dayton Children's will remain an independent, locally governed children's hospital advancing our role as a leader in quality and safety and improving the health of children in the region.

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Dayton Children's Destination 2020

We will lead our peers in patient safety
and quality by performing in the top
quartile of national benchmarks
and implementing Ohio
children’s Hospitals Solutions
for Patient Safety.

We will design processes, programs
and facilities that ease access to
services and provide a family-
friendly and supportive

We will listen carefully to the needs of
our patients and families and will
strongly advocate for patients and
their families in all aspects of
their care and interaction
with Dayton Children’s.

Parents and caregivers will be an integral
part of the care team and we will
provide education and care
instructions that support family
engagement in the safe and
compassionate care of
their child.

We will ensure the timely availability
of pediatric subspecialty care with
access to subspecialists and
specialty services as close to
home as possible.

We will be fully dedicated to the
special needs of children and their
families and what distinguishes
us from adult providers.

We will enhance the service we give
to referring physicians and meet
their individual needs through
timely communication and
personal connections with
our specialists.

We will partner with pediatricians throughout
our service area through a range of options
that enable us to work together to
improve and more effectively
manage the health or our
region’s children.

We will provide community-based
services throughout our service area
for the convenience of our referring
physicians and their patients.

We will play a key role in effectively managing
population health in partnership with primary
care and specialist physicians by collabo-
rating on care protocols and develo-
ping innovative practice models
such as medical homes.

We will focus our education and research
activities on strengthening regional
programs of distinction as well
as enhancing other clinical
services and specialist
recruitment efforts.

We will have the services and access to
services delivered in a way that enables
us to be the pediatric provider of
choice throughout our 20-county
service area.

We will develop three new programs of
distinction, selectively collaborating
with others as needed while
strengthening existing centers
of excellence.

We will provide a comprehensive
range of pediatric specialty services,
on our own or in partnership,
that are essential for a strong
children’s hospital.

We will align with other care
providers, hospitals and physician
groups to enhance and expand
our services and programs.

We will work with other child-serving
organizations, child health and
safety advocates and legislators to
improve the health and wellness
of the children in our region.

We will continue to work closely with
our academic partners to enhance
our teaching and research

We will work with all care partners to
deliver high quality, comprehensive
care and achieve the best possible
outcomes for our region’s


We will provide the information technology necessary to support clinical, business and patient experience initiatives.


We will manage our resources for the long-term financial health of the hospital.


We will attract and retain knowledgeable, well-trained people who work as a team to deliver exceptional care and service.


We will foster innovation and prudent risk-taking, while focusing on the needs of patients and families and provide a great working environment for our employees and physicians.